Looking for 2 Ruby on Rails freelancers to join us for 6 months

At Zorros we build online software and mobile applications to boost other businesses. Innovative web applications, business processes automation and mini ERP’s, web shops, easy-to-use online reporting tools on top of old and ugly systems (SAP for example), mobile apps for large companies. Our technology of choice is Ruby on Rails and iOS/Android.

Currently we are looking for two RoR developers that can join us for a 6 month project (likely to be renewed) to join our 7-headed team and help us realize some exiting projects. What profile are we looking for?

• You fit in our company spirit: we believe in open communication with lots of autonomy and responsibility for the individuals in our team. You love your job and you are passionate about it, you are driven and motivated, you hunt successes. We do not believe in work-for-work, useless tasks and average quality. We have a very flat and horizontal company culture, there are no “bosses” and “employees”.
• You are not happy when our client is not happy.
• You write maintainable, good, stable, tested quality code. We don’t accept dirty code!
• You work from home and show the necessary responsibility.
• You have a lot of freedom, so you can deal with a lot of freedom as well & behave proactive.
• You are pragmatic. You won’t loose too much time on irrelevant details.
• You believe in our company values: solving problems, driven by passion, no-nonsense, simplicity, quality.
• You are communicative and can collaborate with developers and project managers.
• You speak and write English.
• You know what Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Javascript, cucumber, rspec, git, github, TDD, MVC, fat models, capistrano, deploy, commit and branch are. The typical stuff.
• You have full time focus on Zorros. We don’t want your attention spread, we want you to work solely on Zorros projects. The subconscious mind works best when it is focused on one task. We want this to be your sole focus for that reason.
• To challenge us, tell us if we are an idiot if we are being one. In other words, don’t blindly listen to us. We are not your boss, we are partners.
• You must have a track record for completing projects. Working them through to completion. Too many developers just go 80%. You must be a 100%’er or we can’t work together.
• You must be a problem solver. Don’t come to me with problems, come to me with a problem and then the potential solutions for the problem. Then – we can brainstorm and pick one of the solutions. I don’t expect you to know solutions to problems, I expect you to consult forums and use google to find solutions to problems on your own. I want a driver, not someone I have to babysit.
• To understand Rapid Application Development. Release early, release often, get feedback, and make progress.
• Can hack together HTML and CSS if needed. A UI will be provided, but if we need to add something on the fly or make a tweak, any skills here would be a bonus.
• Proficient with the command line interface. Must understand basic system administration. Capable of launching and administering RoR apps.
• To be interested in the success of this project after version 1.0. Version 1.0 will just be the beginning and I’ll need your help after we release the first version.
• To release features on time. (You set time frames, not me, so this shouldn’t be a challenge).
• When releasing a feature, bug test it yourself before showing me. Don’t show me a feature you have not tested once. I will go through all features to double check them, but I am not your initial bug tester.
• Accurate time quotes on development time frames. You do not have to be 100% accurate. But do not tell me a time frame you think will make me happy. Tell me a time frame that you can complete the bug tested work in.

Do you recognize yourself in this description? Any questions about this vacancy?

Please get in touch with us via pieter[@]zorros.be!

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